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Cedar60 ByLaws - November 2011

                                                Adopted at the 2011 November Regular


Cedar Lodge No. 60 F. & A. M.


Article 1


            Section 1: This Lodge shall be known and hailed as Cedar Lodge No. 60 F. & A.M., under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan.


Article 2




            Section 1: The regular communications of this lodge shall be held on the first Thursday of each month at 8 pm; provided, however, when a legal holiday shall occur on the first Thursday, the regular communication shall be held on the second Thursday of that month.


            Section 2: The regular communication held in the month of December shall further be designated as the Annual communication.


Article 3




            Section 1: The Officers of this Lodge shall consist of a Worshipful Master, a Senior Warden, a Junior Warden, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Chaplain, a Senior Deacon, a Junior Deacon, up to six Stewards, a Marshall, and a Tiler.


            Section 2: The Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Senior Deacon, the Junior Deacon, two Stewards, and the Tiler, shall be elected by a majority of votes cast by ballot, at the regular communication in November or December of each year.


            Section 3: The Chaplain, up to four Stewards, and the Marshall shall be appointed by the Worshipful Master-elect.



Article 4




            Section 1: A vacancy in the office of Worshipful Master shall be filled in the manner provided in the Grand Lodge regulations.


            Section 2: A vacancy in any office except that of Worshipful Master shall be filled by either election or appointment as these By-Laws provide for filling the office originally.  Provided, however, that the members shall be duly notified of any vacancy requiring an election and the time of such election.


Article 5


Duties of Officers


            Section 1: The duties of the several officers shall be as prescribed by the Grand Lodge regulations and these By-Laws.


                Section 2: The Treasurer shall submit to the Lodge a written monthly report of the financial condition of the Lodge.


            Section 3: The Secretary shall, prior to each regular communication turn over to the Treasurer all monies collected subsequent to the preceding regular communication, and take his receipt therefor.


            Section 4: The Treasurer and the Secretary shall each receive such sums as the Lodge shall determine at any regular communication.


Article 6




            Section 1: The fees for conferring of the Degrees in this Lodge shall be as follows: For the Entered Apprentice Degree in Masonry (to accompany the petition) Fifty Dollars ($50.00) plus any Grand Lodge assessments; for the Fellow-craft Degree in Masonry Fifty Dollars ($50.00); and for the Master Mason Degree in Masonry Fifty Dollars ($50.00)


            Section 2: The fees for the Entered Apprentice Degree MUST accompany the petition and the fee for either the Fellow-craft Degree or the Master Mason Degree MUST in either case be paid prior to the applicant receiving the Degree.

Article 7




            Section 1: Every member of the Lodge, including Plural Members, except the Secretary, Honorary Members, Life Members, Prepaid Members and those whose dues shall have been remitted for charitable purposes, shall pay annually to the Secretary Seventy Nine Dollars and Fifty Cents ($79.50) as dues to the Lodge, plus any special assessment and per capita levied by Grand Lodge, which shall be due and payable January First each year in advance. Members raised or affiliated by Demit during the first quarter of the year are liable for dues for the entire year: during the second quarter for three-quarters: during the third quarter for one-half and during the last quarter for one-quarter years dues; plus any special assessment or per capita levied by the Grand Lodge, provided further, that the dues of a Brother admitted by Certificate of Transfer shall begin to run at the time provided in Grand Lodge Regulations.


            Section 2: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to mail to each member, together with the Notice of the Annual Communication, a statement of his dues account. To all members still owing dues, not later than the first of February and the fifteenth of March, the Secretary shall mail second and third statements of account, which statements shall be plainly marked second and third notices respectively. At the Regular Communication held in June, the Secretary shall furnish the Worshipful Master with a written list of the names of all members owing dues. This list shall be referred to the Delinquent Dues Committee, hereinafter provided for, for investigation and report at the September Regular Communication. At that time, if satisfactory reasons for not doing so do not appear, the Worshipful Master shall order the Junior Warden to motion for removal from the roles each Brother in arrears, observing at all times the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge in such cases provided and preserving the prerogatives of the Lodge and its Officers.


            Section 3: The Worshipful Master shall appoint a Delinquent Dues Committee, consisting of three or more members, which committee shall investigate each case and report its findings and recommendations as heretofore provided. The Worshipful Master and the Secretary shall be ex-officio members of the committee.


            Section 4: A Brother, who has been suspended for non-payment of dues, shall be required to submit with his Petition for Restoration the amount of dues and any Grand Lodge Special Assessment and per capita in arrears at the time of his suspension in addition to dues for the current year pro-rated in accordance with Section 1 of Article 7 of these by-laws and any special assessments and per capita for the current year.



Article 8


Committees and Their Duties


            Section 1: The Worshipful Master, The Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, and the Secretary shall, by virtue of their Offices, constitute a standing committee on relief, and may draw warrants on the Treasurer, authorized by any two of the four Officers, for a sum not to exceed Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for the relief of any one distressed Brother, and such action shall be duly reported and noted in the Minutes of the Lodge at the next Regular Communication.


            Section 2: The Worshipful Master, following his installation, shall appoint the following standing committee, who shall hold office for not to exceed one year or until their successors have been appointed.


Sick and Visitation Committee


            A committee for the visitation of the sick, whose duty it shall be to obtain all information possible relative to Brethren who are sick or in distress.



Article 9




            Section 1: The Worshipful Master shall appoint an Auditing Committee, consisting of three members, at each Regular Communication, which committee shall audit all bills prior to approval by the Lodge for payment.


            Section 2: The Worshipful Master shall appoint an Auditing Committee, consisting of three members, at the Annual Communication, which committee shall audit the books and accounts of the Treasurer, and the Secretary for the Lodge year, and submit a written report at the next Regular Communication.


Article 10


Bank Depository


            Section 1: The Lodge shall determine the bank or banks for all deposits of monies, and the funds so deposited shall be entirely at the risk of the Lodge, and shall be made in the name of the Lodge. The funds so deposited shall be withdrawn only upon receipt of a warrant bearing the signatures of the Worshipful Master and the Secretary of the Lodge, after a majority vote of the members present at a Regular Communication, and by a check bearing one (1) of the signatures of either the Worshipful Master, the Treasurer, or the Senior Warden. 


Article 11


            Section 1: These By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed in the following manner: Notice of any such proposed change shall be presented in writing at a Regular Communication, read to the Lodge and spread upon the minutes, after which it shall lie over until the next Regular Communication before being voted upon. It shall then require concurrence of two-thirds of the members present voting for its adoption and the approval of the Most Worshipful Grand Master before becoming effective.


Article 12


            Section 1: The use, sale or knowledge thereof, of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited in Cedar Lodge #60


These BY-LAWS revised November 3rd, 2011 at a Regular Communication of Cedar Lodge #60


Bill McCain Sr. Worshipful Master

Thomas A. Braun PM Secretary